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At Health Digital, we selectively offer co-ventures for promising ideas and entrepreneurs. We provide free or subsidized programming in exchange for a small portion of equity and become the CTO. Often, potentially great entrepreneurs are limited by a lack of technological background or finances. We look to remove this barrier in order help promising entrepreneurs reach their potential.

Why Us

Health Digital works with over 200 developers around the world. We have HIPAA compliant experts that ensure the most stringent of security. Our technology directors and developers have expertise ranging from EHR to telemedicine platforms (and everything in between). We offer our development team through initial build and then provide an “on-demand option” that allows startups to only utilize development on a “as needed” basis. This is to keep costs low and utilize capital to scale without the need of hiring a full-time development team early on.
Our network includes hospital officials, countless physicians, and marketing experts that allow us to help scale an idea at unparalleled rates.

How It Works

The Co-Venture process is highly selective. We ask that you fill out the form below with the necessary information. After submission, the proposal is vetted by our team and we will reach out to you in 3-4 weeks with our decision. Each idea and potential partnership is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. We accept companies ranging from the idea stage to those looking to scale.

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