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Our Vision

Providing a platform for healthcare entrepreneurs to change the world for the better

We started Health Digital with a simple focus- Utilize technology to improve healthcare and better the world

The Challenge- Navigating digital health can be difficult and cumbersome. While technology development partners exist, very few have the necessary resources to understand stringent security (and HIPAA compliancy), the difficulty in implementation, and ability to scale. Additionally, even with promising companies entering the mix, user adaption has remained a troublesome issue.

The Solution- At Health Digital, we work directly with entrepreneurs, hospitals, and the key decision makers in healthcare to change the way medicine is practiced. Our team has extensive experience that ranges from clinical practice to hospital administration. We understand the challenges at hand and work with our clients to solve any barriers they come across.


Dhaval G. Bhanusali, MD

Founder and CEO

  • Dermatologist
  • President of AAPI MSRF
  • Advisor at Doximity – largest physician social network online
  • Advisor at Mount Sinai Innovation Partners
  • Part time contributor to ABC Medical News Unit

Christopher Arnoldi


  • CEO of Uhsome, LLC
  • CEO at CoWorkTampa
  • President – Royal Road Group

Advisory Board